Story of a Glorious Revenge

Have you ever wondered, what it would be like to travel through time into prehistory, armed with nothing but your bare hands and your ingenuity?

We are excited to present you a fresh new strategic game, which will challenge you to apply tactical approach, courage and develop your own strategy to survive through different ages in time.

Our survival has always depended on our ingenuity, connection, extraction of raw materials, design of tools and persistence. Imagine that you travel through time into prehistory, where you find endless forests, clear rivers and stone. That is where you will start the game, placed in a hostile environment, thousands of years in the past, with nothing but a few main resources: food, wood and stone – just enough to get started.

However, good strategy, connecting with friends and taking revenge on your enemies, will help you obtain more resources, expand and advance into the next age. Are you already eager to test, whether you are able to survive, rise and fly on the wings of the glorious revenge?

The game will take you through 7 ages starting in prehistory.

1. Prehistory (predator - prey game)

Prehistoric times can be pretty dangerous for a modern man – you can easily become a snack for ancient predators! You will start a game, placed randomly on the basic mainland, 15.000 years ago, in the middle of the prehistoric society. You will get a few basic resources, a hideout (cave) and a tent (elders home), which will help you get started.

At this stage, you will be able to manage your inhabitants: gatherers, cavemen (basic warriors with a rock and stick) and scouts, with whom you will be able to obtain more resources and progress! You can send them into the wild to gather some food, wood or stone, catch a wild animal, or even plunder the neighboring tribe.

Scouts will be particularly useful, because they will allow you to in check all the wealth of the fellow player. That’s how you’ll find out whether he’s worth attacking for resources. The scouts can be also especially useful to prepare you from enemy attacks because they inform you of the attack before it happens.

Hunt for food (obtain resources)

But beware! The predator can easily become a prey! Your men in the wilderness, can be attacked by some wild animals or can collide and clash with neighboring tribes, which can cost you some warriors and raw materials!

Run from danger (when predator becomes prey)

Even worse, your shelter can be attacked and robbed, while your warriors are gone. This may cost you all your resources and people. If you have any survivors left, search for food, or your men will starve! Nevertheless, if you find yourself with no resources left, your men will starve, which means the end of game for you. If that happens, what will you do? Will you give up your fight, or will you return to the beginning, stronger, wiser and ready for a glorious revenge?!

2. Stone age (the birth of crime)

A good strategy will help you gather enough resources, which will lead you to the next stage – the new stone age, about 12.000 years ago. Luckily for all of us, people started to make more advanced tools and weapons, made of wood and stone, as well as build safer and more comfortable residence at this time of history.

Populate and prepare to settle down

This will bring you some new facilities, such as walls, barracks, archery, warehouse and granary. Now, you will only need a few seeds and animals to begin farming and producing your own food. That means, you no longer have to go out in the wild to get food, so the chances that you become food will also be a bit lower. You will also be able to feed more people, so the number of your population will grow. Agriculture has brought opportunities for people to specialize – not everyone has to hunt or gather food anymore.

This will bring you more advanced warriors – greater security of your resources and many other features. But be on your guard! Prosperity and wealth also mean the birth of crime in human history – ancient thieves! What if they come, rob your warehouse and granary and steal all your resources?! Will you just sit and watch, or will you exert all your strengths and take a glorious revenge on them?

3. The traders

Enough resources have permitted far denser population and the creation of the first villages, which will bring you brand new acquisitions: watermill for food production boost, quarry for passive stone, ancient barracks, archery and your own marketplace! Now you will be able to trade resources, people and inventions with other players.

Trade your resources with other players

There are always two ways to obtain new tools and weapons, such as slingshot: spending hours or days to learn to use the right technique and gather enough resources to design your own or simply buying it! This level will be marked by trading and bargaining, which might help you to grow at the speed of light, but only if you are able to adjust your tactics and be one step ahead of the rest of the players.

Your merchants will travel and exchange goods for you

On the other hand, one wrong deal can push you into poverty. Will you exchange your warriors for new tools, and risk being attacked by a person, who now knows, that you cannot defend yourself anymore? How to know who is your friend and who is your enemy? And how to take revenge if that happens in a glorious way?  This era will be characterized by tense interactions between players, exchanging resources, cooperation, as well as flourishing of ancient thieves and robbers, who are particularly attracted by your growing wealth.

4. Mystic time of sorcery

As the number of your population will grow, your village will become bigger and bigger. By obtaining clay, which was unknown before, you will be able to build a defensive tower and a house of sorcery, which will turn your village into the city.

Discovering magic

In ancient societies, witchcraft was an essential part of life. Practitioners of magic applied symbolic words, images, and rituals to achieve desired outcomes through supernatural means. Ancient sorcerers used magic, to find out where to hunt and catch more animals, see the future, heal, etc.   In this mystical age, you will be able to gain some of these ancient supernatural powers, in the same way as our ancestors: by sacrificing resources. Depending on your sacrifice, you will obtain different powers. Maybe you will obtain the power to strengthen your army or put a curse on your enemy’s army, making it weaker in numbers and strength. Nevertheless, finding special artifacts and building a holy place can help you sail safely through these times, wrapped in a veil of magic and mystery. Or maybe it’s all mumbo jumbo, who knows?

Learning to use magic

You will be also able to obtain new warriors in this era: archer, spearmen and horse scouts. Yes, that's right, for the first time in human history, you're going to ride a horse! That’s quite an achievement and also a great advantage! In combination with ancient magic, these novelties will surely lead you to the path of victory!

The mystic age will represent a period when anything can happen. Your worst nightmares or you most glorious dreams can come true here, and the way forward is reserved only for the bravest. Are you one of them?

5. Bronze age

The bronze age marked the time, when humans started to work with metal, around 3300 B.C. Humans made many technological advances during the Bronze Age: they could make sharp objects and design a wide variety of tools and weapons from this useful resource. Some of the important upgrades, that you will be able to make in this era, are obtaining your own smeltery, smithy/forge and workshop, where you will be able to design new tools and weapons, such as shields, swords and blades.

Bronze weapons, now you can fight in style

Now you can significantly upgrade your army of warriors with horse spearman (lancer), horse archer, longbowman, pikeman, swordsman, battering ram and ladder men, which can even siege the walls of your enemy! Only a few can resist such a mighty army –rocks and sticks can do nothing to the blades.

Bronze is an improvement, but enemies are evolving too

However, be careful, because you are still not completely safe. There are still few, who can resist you. Your enemies want your resources and are rallying together to steal them, which could mean the end of your mighty army, that you were building through the ages. Just imagine, your resources stolen by your enemies! That could only mean one thing: time for a glorious revenge, right?!

6. Iron age

The history has taken you to the year 1200 B.C. Now, you can already smell the glorious victory! But don’t lose your attention, because with all the wealth and power you have accumulated throughout history, you have become even more attractive target for your opponents. Will they be able to shake the foundations of your city, just before the end?

 Luckily for you, for will learn how to use readily available iron around you, which overpowers the bronze, according to its characteristics. Your tools and weapons made of iron will be slightly stronger and less likely to break or bend during use. Last but not least, you will also obtain crossbowman, ballista and catapult.


Your army, equipped with such weapons, will be truly the fear and trembling of all your enemies. Now you have almost all means, necessary to take revenge on all of those, who stole from you and attacked you in the past! But don’t waste too much time on them, not just yet. You better move on to the next, last era, where you will finally discover, how to make your revenge really glorious.

Iron age warriors on a journey

7. Glorious age

Congratulations! You have managed to survive all dangerous ages before, defeat many of your enemies and break through, to the last trials. Now, nothing can stop you on your way to the victory. Well… almost nothing! This age will be the grand finale of this game, which will certainly not disappoint!  The last, most exciting and impressive challenges will await you. Through knowledge, tactics and quick action, you will surely be able to conquer this last stop before winning!

Are you interested in what exactly awaits you? Where and when in human history will you end up, and what new weapons will you obtain? Will there also be some new, unexpected and magnificent accessories, which will spice up your final fight? Well … we will keep it a secret for a while … and let you discover it by yourself. But we can say one thing: the last stage will shake your world, and it will be glorious! Curious to know more?

Would you like to reveal the deepest secrets, learn to gain and use your weapons, face your enemies and take a glorious revenge on those, who deprived you of your resources?! Back our project, receive the promised reward and let us exceed your expectations!

What a glorious victory!

A few words from the creator

Glorious Revenge will challenge you to apply tactical approach as you will have to develop your own strategy to survive through different ages of time. It will connect people to work together for a common goal because the game requires cooperation for the victory. It’s also very competitive, not everyone can be victorious but everybody has a chance to taste a glorious revenge!

About the author

Grega Rednak is Slovenian born in 1997.
He studied computer science and is now a successful web developer.
Glorious Revenge is the first game he developed and his proudest technical achievement.
He loves nature and debating about web architecture and optimization as it is one of his hobbies.
Fishing, mushroom gathering and of course gaming are his hobbies.